Peaks Trail, Breckenridge to Frisco

Posted: May 24th, 2017



I started on my way towards Peaks Trail in Breckenridge near the Noric Center; I walked up to the Peaks Trail Trailhead, which was about a mile or so away. Most of the trail was covered in wet, slushy snow from a few days prior. I went on the trail on a Wednesday in May and only saw one person, who didn't make it much further than the Breckenridge Peaks Trail Trailhead. I lost the tip of one of my poles, which I searched for a while. It came off shortly after getting stuck on some roots deep in the snow.

Once in Frisco, I visited Prosit, a German beer/ sausage restaurant. To get back to Breckenridge, I walked a short distance from Prosit to the Summit Stage. This is a free bus that can bring you from Frisco's Main Street to the Breckenridge Station.

The Breckenridge to Frisco walk took about 5 hours due to the snow. The trail was easy to find because of previous hikers and markings on trees. Only a few sections of the hike would the trail have been difficult to find without the footprints.

The trail is approximately 10 miles from Breckenridge to Frisco, starting lower as I did, adds more distance. This is a relatively easy trail with little elevation gain over a long distance. Once you arrive in Frisco, you end up in a neighborhood which you can walk out of towards Main Street in about 10 minutes. Overall, the trail was full of slushy snow, muddy streams and summer-like dirt at this time of year; it was a plesent solo-hike regardless.

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