Bald Mountain

Posted: May 28th, 2017



I first attempted Bald Mountain (aka: Baldy or Mt. Baldy), located in Breckenridge, Colorado, two days before (May 26th) making it to the top. On my first attempt I did not have snowshoes and started in the afternoon. This proved to be costly, getting through the snow was difficult as I kept sinking past my knees. Also, the wind was about 20 miles an hour, it snowed on me and I was ultimately deterred by fast moving dark clouds.

On my second attempt, I started at the trailhead around 8:30AM. Being on the trail early meant the snow was harder and easier to walk on. It had also snowed the previous day and this helped as well. I had snowshoes this time and it made a huge difference in my speed.

Near the top there was a very steep section, I attempted to go up it with my snowshoes, which had spikes on them but I slid down. I took off my snowshoes and put on Microspikes. This was the only way to get up the steep section.

I noticed two people about half and hour ahead of me on the trail who appeared to be skiing upwards somehow. Some of their snow prints were from skis and others, on the very steep sections, appeared to be from ski boots. I did not see them near the top, I assume they skied down from where I last saw their prints, where I stopped.

I am not quite sure I made the actual summit of the mountain, I think the peak in the distance was slightly higher. I didn't proceed to it because I was not feeling well at the time and was able to see in all directions quite well.

On descent, the snow became softer and much more dangerous on steep sections. I took an alternate route back through the trees, eventually finding trails which brought me all the way back down into Breckenridge. I made it too the top, maybe not the actual summit, within 3.5 hours and descended all the way back down to Breckenridge Station, in another 5 hours.

Getting There

You can get to the Bald Mountain Trailhead by taking the Summit Stage: Boreas Pass Bus Route, exit at Emmett Lode.

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