Mt. Bierstadt

Posted: June 12th, 2017



Mt. Bierstadt, at 14,065 feet, is known as the easiest 14er in Colorado. This however does not make it easy year-round. I started at the trailhead at about 2:30AM on June 11th, 2017 so that I could make it up to the summit for sunrise.

While hiking there was an almost full moon, few clouds in the sky plus I had a headlamp and GPS of the trail so I was able to find the path easily. The conditions were much colder and windier than I anticipated, especially at the summit. I spent about 45 minutes at the summit and encoutered winds that might have been over 20mph. I needed to wear 5 layers and use mittens to stay warm while idle.

Hiking at around 2AM can give a solo experience and the sunrise clouds can be amazing. The sunrise itself is obstructed by Mt. Evans so if you want to see the sunrise on the horizon, it's probably best to be there. Mt. Evans actually has the highest paved road in North American, I saw cars driving up for the sunrise.

Due to the location and reputation, Mt. Bierstadt has lots of people on it after the sun comes up. I would not have enjoyed the mountain with so many people. Some people go onto Mt. Evans from Bierstadt via the Sawtooth but I didn't have the gear or experience plus the winds made it even more difficult.

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