Wheeler Trail, Breckenridge to Copper Mountain

Posted: June 25th, 2017



I decided to hike from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain on June 24th, 2017, starting at about 2:15PM and arriving at about 8:00PM. I started the trail at the base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge, following a road and then eventually leaving it to a hiking/ biking trail. This trail did not connect to the remaining part of the road I needed to connect to and so I ended up needing to cross a river and going up steep terrain.

The river, or stream, that I crossed was quite large and I had to jump on a log to cross it. There were mosquitoes near the river. Once I crossed it, I had some steep hiking to get back to the road which connects to the Wheeler Trail. It is possible to drive on this road most of the way to Wheeler Trail but some sections were packed with deep snow, which I needed to traverse.

Once I got to the Wheeler Trail, I had to continue through a few patches of snow before making it up to the ridge. Once at the ridge, it was downhill into Copper. I saw two lone bikers on the Colorado Trail before patches of snow. They were near where the Colorado Trail connects to the Wheeler Trail.

Once in Copper, I was able to take the Summit Stage to Frisco and then take another bus line back to Breckenridge. The weather was overall quite good, I did not need to wear a jacket the entire time. There were some wind gusts and some steep terrain but overall it was possible to do the entire trail in under 6 hours, despite going off the path for about 1/4th of it.

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