Vashon Island

Posted: April 15th, 2018



Vashon Island is an island near Seattle which is 36 square miles. It is accessible from Seattle by a ferry which departs frequently. Vashon Island has over 10,000 residents and is frequented by tourists. The island has shops and hiking trails.

The Vashon Island Bike Tree is a famous site on the island. A tree grew where a bike was once parked and they merged together. The bike has been vandalized and is missing some of its original parts.

Vashon Island has many different hikes. I decided to go on a short hike called the Burton Acres Loop trail, parking at Jensen Point. It was rainy and foggy during my time on Vashon Island but I enjoyed visiting it and being surrounded by trees.

I ate lunch at the Hardware Store Restaurant, which is a popular restaurant for brunch; it was once a hardware store.

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