Flat Top Mountain

Posted: June 25th, 2019



While visiting Anchorage for the Summer Solstice, I decided to hike the famous Flat Top Mountain on its outskirts during Sunday, June 23rd, 2019. Located about half-an-hour outside the city, Flat Top Mountain is an extemely popular 3.3-mile hike. The hike requires some scrambling up rocks, the use of your hands is required near the final ascent. Trekking poles aren't necessary in my opinion.

The summit offers commanding views of Anchorage, the coastline and the mountains off in the distance. It is a must do hike for anyone in Anchorage. It gets very busy on the trail, with all kinds of people, very young and old alike.

To get to the trailhead, there is a shuttle which is $23 round trip from downtown (see details here). This shuttle was booked before my reservation so I instead took an Uber, this cost me about $30 each way. There is some reception at the trailhead, which improves when going slightly higher than the parking lot. The parking lot is highly congested and I do not advise driving or trying to park. It is best to take the shuttle or take a ride there, the cost of which would be much lower with others but I went alone.

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