Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Posted: June 25th, 2019



I decided to hike in Kincaid Park on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 after hiking Flat Top Mountain. I wasn't sure how far I would go, as I was misinformed on the distance required to get to downtown. Once on the trail, there are signs that indicate the distance to the end, however. It turned out that it was 11-miles of walking on asphalt from the Outdoor Center in the park to get to downtown (near 49th State Brewing Co).

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail goes all the way from Kincaid Park to downtown Anchorage. It is primarily a biking path and goes around the airport. There are various points along the trail which allow one to venture out to the beach. These are some of the most impressive places to go. On the trail, I saw about 7 moose, in 3 different sightings. It is important to stay aware of the moose, which can pop up at any time. They may have children and act in defense so stay at a distance.

The path itself is mostly flat and is best done on a bike. I decided to walk, however. This exposed me to swarms of mosquitoes because I was moving at a slower pace, there are many small lakes and ponds along the path. I had to wear my long sleeves and hide my face to keep from being bitten badly. Therefore, I strongly recommend bringing bug spray and long sleeved clothing to do this trail. The trail is a bit strange since there are airplanes landing overhead but it provides amazing views of the landscape around Anchorage and the downtown. I completed at sunset, which was near midnight. Once completed, I went to Humpy's for fish tacos and Midnight Sun beer.

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