Blue Cave Croatia

Posted: August 20th, 2019



The Blue Cave is a waterlogged sea cave located in a small bay called Balun. I went on a tour which went to several islands, stopping at the Blue Cave. To get into the cave, you arrive at the island and buy a ticket which has a number on it. You wait for your number to be listed in the range to board a smaller boat. On this smaller boat, you continue into the Blue Cave, the tour lasts about 20 minutes, you are in the Blue Cave for only about 5 minutes.

Sometimes, the water is too choppy to enter the Blue Cave. The wait can be minutes to hours, I waited around an hour and a half to enter the cave. There are some bars and restaurants on the island while you wait. You need to enter the cave between around 10am and 2pm to see the light in such a way that it illuminates the cave.

You can get to the Blue Cave from Split or Hvar. I decided to depart from Hvar with Amazing Hvar, doing their Blue and Green Cave tour which started at 9am and generally lasts 7-9 hours. We made 3 other stops to swim and relax on the beach. You can contact the tour organizer with WhatsApp to locate the boat and group.

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