Dipsea Trail

Posted: August 26th, 2019



I decided to do the Dipsea Trail, from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach on Sunday, August 25th, 2019. I took the 70 bus line from San Francisco to Marin City, where I transfered to the 17 bus line. Here I was in Mill Valley, near a market which I went to for lunch. At about 2:30PM, I started on my way up stairs, near a library, on the Dipsea Trail. I arrived at the beach at about 5:30PM, meaning I covered the 7+ miles in approximately 3 hours.

The Dipsea Trail is considred a classic hike in the Bay Area since it exposes you to forest, redwood trees, streams, hills, and the beach. There are impressive views at a few points in the hike where you can overlook the beach and potentially be above the fog.

To get back to San Francisco, I decided to take the 61 shuttle, which is very close to the end of the trail and the beach. From here, I was dropped back off at Marin City's bus hub. For the final leg of the trip, I took the 30 bus line back to San Francisco. Some people do what is referred to as the "Double Dipsea" and hike all the way back, I think going back would have been more difficult.

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