Mt. Sanitas

Posted: January 9th, 2020



On Sunday, January 5th, 2020, I went to Boulder, Colorado from Denver on the FF1 bus line, departing from Union Station (it's $5.25 each way). After about an hour, I arrived at the Boulder Transit Center. I walked about 35 minutes to the trailhead for Mt. Sanitas. There I took Mount Sanitas Trail to the summit of the mountain, which is ‎6,863 feet above sea level. When descending, I took the East Ridge route. This route was steeper and more confusing, I may have ended up getting off trail to get back onto the Sanitas Valley trail. I fell twice on ice and needed to use my hands to get down this ridge. I cut my hand open in the process, despite wearing gloves.

Overall, round trip from the trailhead took me approximately 2 hours. I recommend having microspikes for icy conditions in the winter, as well as gloves in case you fall. There was ice under a thin later of dust or dirt that made caught me off-guard and caused me to fall. Having trekking poles is also helpful, many people didn't use them, however.

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