Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Posted: August 23rd, 2022



On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 I took a tour to the top of Mount Pilatus. The tour was the Mount Pilatus Summer Day Trip from Lucerne. Meeting just after noon near Lucerne's train station, we took a bus to a small gondola. From there, we took a large gondola which could accomodate about 50 people up to the Mount Pilatus hiking area. There were several trails at the top to different summits.

Given the time limits at the top, I had to move quickly to reach every peak. Each one had its own viewpoint so I wanted to get to all of them before we left. It meant constantly moving without a break. Along the way you can hear bells which are around the necks of cattle.

The group met back up near where we got off the large gondola. From there, we took the steepest cog railroad down to a lake. The train involved had been in use for a very long time and was supposedly retiring for a modern one next season. Maintaining the cog rail requires manual service, making sure all the screws are tight.

The last leg of the journey was a boat ride back to where we started, near the train station in Lucerne. Overall, this tour covered a lot of ground through various forms of transportation. Lasting about 5 hours in total, it offered amazing views of the surrounding area.

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