Rere Rockslide and Rere Falls

Posted: January 9th, 2023



Near the town of Gisborne, New Zealand are Rere Rockslide and Rere Falls. They are both close to eachother, if coming from Gisborne, you'll first see the waterfall.

At the rockslide, people can slide down the rock into the water below. I bought a bodyboard to slide down the rock but it was very difficult to stay on it. I fell off the bodyboard each time I tried to slide down the rockslide, which was somewhat painful although not sharp enough to be cut. There was an inner tube there that I used as well. With that, I was able to make it all the way down the rockslide without falling off because I held onto it. The water has unsafe levels of e coli so it should be avoided if one has any cuts.

The waterfall is right next to the parking lot. It is a very side waterfall although not very tall. The water from the rockslide and waterfall seem to be connected.

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