Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony

Posted: January 11th, 2023



On Wednesday, January 11th, 2023, I went to see the Gannet Colony at Cape Kidnappers. My original trip to the colony was at 9:30AM but due to the rain, it was cancelled. The guide company had to check a creek for flooding and safe passage. The weather cleared up and I was able to go on the 1:30PM tour, although it was sunny at times, there was a persistent fog.

To see the gannet colony, you have to book a tour through Gannet Safaris Overland. The area where the gannet colony resides is private land. On the land, there is a gold course and restaurants. All of which require prior permission to attend. Not far from the gannet colony are many wine vineyards.

Along the tour, there are several gates which need to be opened and closed. The area is a farm with cows and sheep. The owners try hard to prevent rabbits and other animals from getting onto the land.

The gannets at the colony are extremely territorial, which is why it is possible to see them in their confined space. As they age, they have less fluff and more of a yellow color on their heads. Gannets can live 30 or more years of age.

Overall, despite the weather, if you are at the gannet colony, you will be able to see them. They are an interesting bird that protects their space passionately and has a monogamous lifestyle. The tour lasts around 3 hours and gives views of the coast and a unique colony of birds.

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