Abel Tasman Coast Track

Posted: January 30th, 2023



On Saturday, January 28th, 2023, I started on the Abel Tasman Coast Track from Marahau (at the car park) towards Wainui. To do this hike, you have to book through the Great Walk DOC website and pay a fee to stay at either a campsite or a hut. There are usually rangers who will ask for your name and booking details.

The hike a one way trail so to get back to my van, I needed transportation. The shuttle I sought from Wainui was full on the day I requested so I instead took a water taxi at Totaranui (in front of the DOC building). It was a shorter trail this way but offered views of the trail from the water.

At the start of the hike, it was sunny but as I progressed, it became more rainy. Both nights in the tent, the first at Torrent Bay campsite and second at Awaora Bay campsite had rain. Hiking during the day, there was also rain. I was able to cook inside a shelter at Awaora Bay while it rained, which was helpful.

I ended the hike on Monday the 30th at Totaranui around noon and took a water taxi from Abel Tasman Aqua Taxi at 3:15PM. The pickup location is outside of the DOC building, where the official information office is, on the beach. At the end, the boat goes on land and drives a short distance. From here it is about a 10-minute walk to the Marahau carpak.

Hiking this trail requires knowing when the low tide occurs. It's important to hike very close to the lowest point of low tide, especially when it rains. There are many campsites along the way and the trail is very popular. There are lots of ups and downs as it is a coastal trail that goes across bays, beaches and over high points with overlooks.

The weather was so humid and rainy that my DSLR camera stopped working. It's extremely important to have waterproof gear, including a rain cover for one's trekking bag. I eventually just wore a bathing suit and water shoes along with a waterproof Gore-Tex jacket.

Overall, this is a scenic hike and can be done even in bad weather. There are many places to camp with your own tent and even huts. Many people do the hike, most just do parts of it and get picked up or dropped off by boat or shuttle. There is a glamping campsite and a lodge as well. Some even do the trail by kayak. Therefore, it's possible to have whatever experience you want.

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