Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Posted: February 11th, 2023



On Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, I hiked the Cave Stream Scenic Reserve near Arthur's Pass Village on New Zealand's South Island. The cave is a long passageway with a stream running through it. It can be done going either up or downstream.

I was not sure how long the cave was when I entered going upstream and ended up going back to the beginning. Once I realized how long it was by estimating by other people, I went through it again downstream. Moving quickly without stopping going downtream took me less than 25-minutes to reach the end.

To do this hike, you need to have a headlamp and be prepared to get wet up to your chest. Ideally you have a waterproof headlamp, shoes with a closed toe that can be used in the water and a bathing suit. I did this hike alone and when I first started it, saw no people on the way. This is not recommended.

It's not advised to do this hike after heavy rain. There is only one direction you can go in the cave. I found it faster to go downstream.

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