Routeburn Track

Posted: February 17th, 2023



Between Tuesday, February 14th and Thursday, February 16th, I hiked the Routeburn Track on New Zealand's South Island. It's located in Fiordland National Park. The hike, with added side trips to the top of a hill, river and rock was about 33 miles.

I parked my van in the Man Street Car Park. It's expensive and can only allow vechicles up to a certain height. This was the only practical option because it is very difficult to find free street parking at the last minute.

Originally, I was going to take a bus at 8:15AM but due to lack of clarity on parking I had to reschedule to the 11:15AM bus. The bus I took was through Info & Track. They dropped me off at the Routeburn Car Park. At the end, I was picked up at 3:15PM from The Divide Car Park. They brought me back to Queenstown around 7:30PM. From there I stayed at the Jucy Hostel to shower and explore the town at night.

The weather was sunny and as a result, I swam in rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Quickly afterwards, I was able to dry off in the sun.

On the first night I stayed at the Routeburn Flats Campsite in my own tent. On the second night, I stayed at the Lake Mackenzie Campsite again in my own tent. At Lake Mackenzie, the area was booked to capacity and I was asked to share some of my tent area with someone else.

Overall, this was a scenic Great Walk with mountain views and waterfalls. Ice cold rivers which were excellent to cool off in during the sun made this unique.

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