Clifden Caves

Posted: February 24th, 2023



On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, I explored the Clifden Caves. It's a limestone cave system in the Western Southland Region of New Zealand, on private land close to the hamlet of Clifden. Although I did not go all the way through the cave system due to being alone and not knowing it clearly, I did go deep into the cave.

Inside the cave there are reflective tapes which help guide one through the cave. Without this, it is possible to get lost inside. At one point deep in the cave, ropes are required. After going deep enough into the cave, I was able to see glow worms. When I turned off my headlamp, I could see them glow.

The cave is dirty and the narrow passageways require getting covered in dirt. There are sections in the cave with water pools.

Overall, this is an interesting cave to explore. A headlamp is of course required. To explore the cave fully, one should have a partner and ropes.

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